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Our Story, Our Why

Our Story, Our Why

Our business was initially created after Carl's own experience of dealing with unprofessional, below standard, and incompetent companies and contractors, who failed to deliver what they promised, whilst never fully understanding their clients' requirements. Carl believes the construction industry should also be doing more, in the fight against emissions, and pollution, with the industry one of the worst performing sectors globally. The industry has all the tools and talent to do more, to make a difference before, during and after the construction process, but too often, the easiest, and the cheapest route of delivery is chosen. This is why our business was created, to teach and to educate, to inform, and to challenge people to make the right decision, to create a better future, for our people and our planet. 

Our Core Values

All that we do centres around what we build with our

Building Relationships with respect and integrity
Understanding the needs of our clients and our people
Innovating using our expertise and knowledge
Loyalty to our commitments at all costs
Diversity in all that we do

Our Purpose, Our Mission

Our purpose is to consistently deliver superior quality projects in our pursuit of improving the health and wellbeing of our clients and the planet.


Our Processes, Systems and Communications

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Our Processes, Systems and Communications

Our supply chain, sustainability, and procurement principles and goals:

We ensure that all relationships with suppliers and subcontractors are fair and honest.

We will minimise the amount of repetition and duplication within our own prequalification process.

We will assess suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they meet the requirements of our safety, quality, and environmental standards.


We will only use suppliers who comply with all UK employment legislation including the Modern Slavery Act.

We will take steps to ensure that we are fully aware of our responsibilities to support the local economy.

We will adhere to fair payment, paying suppliers within the terms of our agreement.

We will support local labour by working with local subcontractors and suppliers, where feasible.

We will continue to foster collaboration with our supply chain partners to identify best practice and innovative solutions.

We will ensure that we work with suppliers who respect our Anti-Bribery Policy and ensure that we operate within this guideline, in an open and transparent way.

At all times we will consider the energy efficiency of plant, equipment, and materials.

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