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Eco & Sustainable Construction 

Sustainable construction involves using renewable and recyclable materials on building projects to reduce energy consumption and toxic waste. The primary goal of this initiative is to decrease the industry’s impact on the environment by utilizing sustainable construction procedures, practicing energy efficiency, and harnessing green technology. Some methods widely used are, managing waste and transportation in the construction phase, using higher levels of insulation within the project, similar to Passive Haus, and using insulation which is recycled or other types such as lambs wool or straw bale, using eco-plaster, utilising sustainable forests for timber, solar panels and battery storage for maximising electrical consumption, and air source heat pumps instead of gas central heating. 

More and more people are becoming aware of making home improvements in a way that is sustainable for our planet, whilst being cost effective at the same time, whilst promoting a healthier living, and saving money on gas and electric. What’s not to like? This is why G2 Construction and Consultancy are adopting and advocating sustainable methods of construction, to ensure our planet and people live a better and healthier life.

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