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Heritage Construction 

Working on heritage, and listed projects is to ensure the maintenance of heritage properties through construction that repair, restore, adapt, alter or retrofit historic buildings and heritage assets, and doing so according to their significance and performance. Historic buildings and heritage assets are generally considered to include whole buildings, parts of buildings, ancillary structures, monuments, and other architectural features such as garden structures, walls and paving that were built before 1919, or those that are built using traditional methods and materials, including structures protected by legislation such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and those within Conservation Areas.

We must preserve our historical buildings, by undertaking works that are sympathetic to their history, but preserving their future. G2 Construction and Consultancy provide relevant training for their team and operatives, alongside employing the right team of tradesmen, who have delivered works on listed buildings. Carl also has experience prior to G2, working on period properties in and around London. 

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